fredag 2. juli 2010

Kort med Wild cards

I was on a forum and read a tread about the Cricut Cartridge Wild Card, and if it was one to have or not. It was one of the first cartrides I ever bought, but have not used for a long time. I got so inspired that that evening I dug it out and made 2 cards. I used my Gypsy to strech the card out a bit to get it wider. It is a rather slim card on the cartridge.
This white card I made as a birthday card to my sister inlaw that have her birthday on saturday. With the red flowers on the paper I used I think that the red halfpearls is perfect.

On the inside I used the lovely dragonflys from Pagoda. The stamp say Happy Birthday for you that do not read Norwegian.
I put the dragonflys on the back of the card to.
I used paper from K&C on this card, and the blushing roses on the paper went well with the flowers I found in my stash. It does not show so well on the photo, but the halfpearls are olive green. I made this card for a co-worker that want it for a 60-year old birthday girl.
The flower on the inside is from Pagoda as well.

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kramer_buffy sa...

maybe I should do a few more cards w/ the wild card cartridge too. I used to love that cartridge.

-- dalis