mandag 12. april 2010

Baby album for Maja

The couple next door have got a baby girl named Maja, and I made this baby album for the little angel. The album were cut out from my Cricut, and I constructed it on my Gypsy. The front is from Storybook. It was so much fun making such a girly baby album!
Here's the album looking at it on the thable. I'm so happy with it!!! Here's the inside of the fist page. I cut out the letters right after I cut out the pages, so with out thinking I made letters for the back pages as well, that was not intended, but when I had cut them out I decided to just use them.
I cut out this scroll from Heritage. I made this side for journaling.

I made several tags with little colour on the back so that they are easy to write on.

Here's a photomat, and the cutest little bird. The bird is yellow glitter stock, and sparkles!

On this page I made place for tags under the photomat. As you can see on the picture below it opens up for photos or journaling. This lovely little silver spoon I bought on ebay. It's soo cute!

I made this envelope for placing memorabilitas in. And I bougth this lovely babyfrill ribbon that turned out to be elastic! It fit perfect! I was a little afraid to put it on to tight, so it ended up a little loose, but it looks good. The little ducks are yellow glitter stock just like the bird further up.

Here's the open envelope.

I tink this page turned out real nice! The swirls on the yellow glitterstack is not glued down over the photomat, so a picture can be slided under them.

The elephants on this page is part of the paper that I made the album from. They are so cute that I did not have the heart to cover them up.

And the last page. I did not do so much with it. There's room for a picture if they want to, and if not it looks just ok for me.

Cards I got for my birthday

This card I got from Vicki! I just love green, so this was perfect :-)
This chic card is just lovely and flowery and from Julie in Ireland.

This lovely flowercard came to me from Majo in Germany, I think this stamp she used is gorgeus!

I felt realy glamouros getting this glamour card from Sharon in the US. I just love it!
Well, it is alright turning 29, when you get such lovely cards from your friends!